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Operation Haboob
Greenoslovia, a small country in Gayfagia has been torn apart for the past four years by warring tribal factions. In a final attempt to create a safe haven for villagers in the region the forces of Tanistan are trying to take control Highway 13 and supply villages with much needed supplies. The creation of suply roads for the much needed aid and the creation of positive relationships with the region's tribal communities and their leaders also provides an opportunity for local intelligence, logistical support and routes for troops through this small desert stretch, helping achieve a more solid foothold in Greenistan.

DOW - OP HABOOB - Rawdon

Operation Cameleon
For the past two years these two nations have been at war, the fighting has been furious and deadly. The years of fighting has taken it's toll on both sides. Dignitaries from both countries, have found a way to put this war to rest, by exchanging scientific secrets, as a show of good faith. However at the time of the exchange a rebel force swooped in killing all except the two scientists, in a massive strike. Now the race is on to recover the scientists, and scientific secrets from both sides. Both countries are questioning who was really in control of this rebel force, or if there was truly a rebel force at all? Tension is at an all time high. In the mayhem, two Air Strike laser markers were left unscathed, and must be recovered along with the activation codes, in order to effectively control the battlefield. Both sides are under orders to recover their scientist, eliminate any enemy forces, and discreetly eliminate any rebel stragglers, and search their persons for information that may reveal who they were working for. Recovery of the Air Strike Laser Marker is also a priority.

DOW Presents: OP Cameleon - Death Of Quick Pass

Operation Quickpass2
Continuing the story from last year’s popular Operation QuickPass, the Yellow Coalition Force Recon Regiment currently located deep within enemy territory was due for extraction, but instead their coalition asks for their help once more! With the war raging on, the Force Recon Regiment must come to the aid of their fellow brothers by establishing communication liaisons in order to facilitate coordination all across the region! Failure would result it massive losses within their ranks, as whole platoons would loose communication with their operation commands.

D.O.W. Milsim...Opération QuickPass 2...Dimanche 2 juillet 2006

Operation Sandstorm
Be part of the first ever Airsoft event in Canada organized with support from a Canadian Forces unit. In Operation Sand Storm, you will be teamed up with 20 soldiers returning from Afghanistan for an airsoft milsim event that will make everything else seem like a game!

Op SANDSTORM - QUEBEC CITY Oct 30-31 Next Level MilSim

Operation Centra Spike2
Operation Centra Spike is a Next Level milsim game hosted by the PQAC. It is an immersive role playing experience where the focus is put on realism. Players will be asked to play a role, as well equip, dress themselves, and act accordingly.

Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th (UPDATE)

Without rain, it was a great turnout! We all expected the dry-heat to come in, but it was cool all weekend. All day Saturday was mostly cloudy, but still hot enough to fog those goggles. Full moon on Saturday night gave excellent way for night ops. Sunday was mostly sunny, with low temperatures to keep things cool.

P1004431.jpg Poncho and crew were there late Friday night to set up the camps at OPFOR and NATO. After a smooth registration, by Saturday noon, the fun begins with the first mission breifing. Word was that OPFOR had 30+ more soldiers on their side, creating a challenge against NATO.

Just as the first scenario was being deployed, the STAT Culinary and Quality of Service divison got their encampment set up to prepare the first meal of the day for the officers. "We knew Poncho didn't get much sleep. He was going to be stressed out the whole day, so the last thing we wanted him to worry about was lunch and supper." P1004445.jpg

P1004468.jpg By Sunday, with half of NATO gone, we needed every man, woman, child, that could shoot! Poncho starts the morning with a real world update on what to expect from possible OPFOR offenses.

After the men had been deployed, gave time to a small breakfest. "A soldier well fed, is a soldier that will fight to win." NATO engages OPFOR quickly in the morning, with the usual com chatter across the radio channels. "You should be wasting batteries on your rifle instead of your radio", replies Poncho. P1004478.jpg

P1004501.jpg Straight wins for NATO thru the whole day gave a turn of the tables, when OPFOR was dominant the entire Saturday. And people did hear the sound of victory on a loudspeaker on the capture of the warhead to bring back to NATO camp.

With the scenarios over by afternoon, R&R was all it was at NATO camp. Some from OPFOR came to join. Volleyball, Golf Driving, Loud Tunes. After a quick luncheon, cleanup commenced, and marked the end of a successful fun weekend for all. <for more pics, go to the gallery> P1004542.jpg

Visit ASGK's at Operation Centra Spike2
in Southshore of Montreal
15 May through 16 May
For more information on products and services, contact Joey at info@asgkcanada.com .

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