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PQAC: Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th 2004


Welcome to ASGK's collective info on the upcoming PQAC event. Everything you need to know for this event is here on this 1-page. All useless cryptic padding has been removed to elimite confusion and deliver only clear and direct answers.

dimensions: 1233x1174, size: 169k

dimensions: 2794x2112, size: 390k

ROECard.pdf, size: 108k

WHEN IS THE EVENT? You are to arrive on the field on May 15, 2004 at exactly 3:30p sharp. You cannot arrive earlier because NATO needs to set up. Arriving late will mess up the timetables for everyone else that showed up.

WHERE IS THE EVENT? In the Southshore of Montreal (Brossard). Pictures can be found here.
From Montreal:
SOUTH on Highway 15
SOUTH onto bridge Pont Champlain
SOUTH off bridge Pont Champlain
SOUTH on Highway 10
EXIT to the sign for Highway 30
SOUTH on Highway 10 Service Road (do not Highway 30)
Chemin Des Prairie
Boul Des Prairie
EAST over the overpass
SOUTH on Lapiniere

TRANSPORTATION Should be arranged, it is strongly advisable you do not come to this event by public transportation, because it is in a remote area, and with the amount of gear you will be carrying. Organize a car pool here >>>

YOU SHOULD HAVE A FRS/GMRS RADIO and if you do not, now is a good time to buy one. A crappy $20 radio is still better than no-radio. Don't be scared to buy a small cheap radio, you will learn its flaws fast and realize what you need from a good radio, then after the event, you can return the radio for a refund and buy the one you want.
You can buy a pair of (two) Audiovox radios for $29.99 from Futureshop >>>

FOOD AND WATER: There is running tap water from a nearby hose, and it is very safe to drink from it. Food is required because you will be in a remote area where you won't be able to take off to a store to buy things. Bring everything you need, the Cartel will get all the indoor buildings for their HQ, so if you bring lots of stuff, it will all be indoors and protected from rain and vermin. Use your common sense to prepare for this event, including proper clothing, gear, AEG tools, flashlight, etc.

INSECT REPELLANTwill be needed, there will be bugs.


Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th (UPDATE)

PQAC: Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th 2004
find Operation Centra Spike is a Next Level milsim game hosted by the PQAC. It is an immersive role playing experience where the focus is put on realism. Players will be asked to play a role, as well equip, dress themselves, and act accordingly.

The scenario calls for 2 teams: A US Paramilitary team, and The Cartel. The mission, nature, and composition of the NATO team is secret and the recruitment has already been completed. We are now recruiting for The Cartel.

As the Cartel, we will not know the number of identity of the players on the opposing team until we meet them in combat on the field.

The game will take place on several kilometers of land on the south shore that has on it a farmhouse, a river, as well as various wrecks scattered about. Game play will require endurance and determination.

Here is brief synopsis of our mission:

Since the 1970's, Colombia has been home to some of the most violent and sophisticated drug trafficking organizations in the world. What started as a small cocaine smuggling business has, in the last thirty years, blossomed into an enormous multi-national cocaine empire.

The cartel’s enemies are many. Even now, some of our sources in the Columbian government inform us that they are formulating secret plans with the American to send in soldiers and equipment to shut us down. Rest assured that we will not lie still while the imperialist threaten our families and our way of life!

As a member of The Cartel your mission is to:
1) Protect The General
2) Protect the processing and storage facilities
3) Process and package the product and make regular deliveries to the airstrip
4) Locate and capture enemies of the The Cartel


Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th (UPDATE)

PQAC: Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th 2004
With Centra Spike 2 only a few weeks away, I think we  re all growing a little anxious for some action.

We  ve put up a page with some extra information about the game, things like what to expect, what to bring, and a little background information on the scenario, as well as the types of roles players can expect play when they are there. We are not accepting any sign-ups for particular roles before the game; rather we will assign players to different tasks at the start of the game, based of who shows up.


The main thing to remember about a game like this is that it requires endurance and teamwork. The game goes on non-stop from the time it starts to time it ends. There are no pauses or time-outs unless something bad happens (like an injury).

On the teamwork front, what it mean is that you have to work as part of the team. You will be given orders by a team leader, and be expected to follow them. Don  t worry, this doesn  t mean someone will try to order you to do pushups in the mud. What it does mean is that you might be assigned a mundane task like guarding the entrance to a building or moving boxes to build a bunker.

Teamwork also means communication, and this means that every player should endeavor to have a radio (FRS/GMRS) of some sort. You should also try to have a microphone/earpiece accessory. This allows you to use your radio while remaining at least a little   stealthy  . While a radio is not required for participation in the game, we do strongly recommend that you get one. Note that for players who wish to go on the Surveillance/Reconnaissance missions, a radio will be a must. No point in setting up an observation post if you can  t radio back information.

If you  re thinking of buying a radio, but aren  t sure what to get, contact us and we  ll help you chose something that works and doesn  t blow you  re budget.

Finally, we  ve decided to cap the number of players to 40 for the cartel. We haven  t locked the sign-in on the web site yet, but I would like to ask any players who aren  t sure if they will be attending to please put themselves into the   maybe  column. We  re doing to this to keep the game manageable, while ensuring everyone has fun.


If you have any questions about the game fell free to contact us and we will answer your questions as soon as we can.

See you all there.


Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th (UPDATE)

PQAC: Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th 2004
Concerning the whole high-cap issue, the rules will stand as they are.

As many low-caps as you can carry
1 fully loaded high-cap (and you CANNOT reload in the field)

We have agreed to make an exception for VN midcaps for the 2 or 3 players who use them, but they must be loaded to the same capacity as low-caps (approx 60-80 BBs).

If this seriously inconveniences you, contact us by PM or by email. In consideration of the fact that this information was disseminated so late in the game, we will consider other exceptions on case-by-case basis.

Players are still encouraged to play with low-caps. Further more many of us will be loading them to 33BBs. This is not a rule, but we do suggest you give it a try. You might take a liking to it


Operation Centra Spike 2, May 15-16th (UPDATE)

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