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PQAC: Operation Sand Storm, October 30-31th 2004


Welcome to ASGK's collective info on the upcoming PQAC event. Everything you need to know for this event is here on this 1-page. All useless cryptic padding has been removed to elimite confusion and deliver only clear and direct answers.

dimensions: 1324x832, size: 261k

dimensions: 1324x832, size: 264k

ROECard.pdf, size: 108k

WHEN IS THE EVENT? Game play will begin on the field on October 30, 2004 at exactly 1:00p sharp. Arrive as early as possible so you can get familiar with the area and prepare properly. Arriving late will mess up the timetables for everyone else that showed up on time.

WHERE IS THE EVENT? Just south of Quebec City. The searchable location is: Pintendre, QC G6C 1B6. Pictures can be found here.
From Montreal:
NORTH on Highway 20
DIRECTION towards Quebec
DIRECTION towards Riviere du Loup
EXIT 325 towards Pintendre
EAST on President-Kennedy
NORTH on Chemin des Sable
EAST into the pit

TRANSPORTATION Should be arranged, it is strongly advisable you do not come to this event by public transportation, because it is in a remote area, and the amount of gear you will be carrying. Organize a car pool here >>>

YOU SHOULD HAVE A FRS/GMRS RADIO and if you do not, now is a good time to buy one. A crappy $20 radio is still better than no-radio. Don't be scared to buy a small cheap radio, you will learn its flaws fast and realize what you need from a good radio, then after the event, you can return the radio for a refund and buy the one you want.
You can buy a pair of (two) Motorola radios for $39.99 from Futureshop >>>

FOOD AND WATER: You must bring the water you need. Food is required because you will be in a remote area where you won't be able to take off to a store to buy things. Bring everything you need. Use your common sense to prepare for this event, including proper clothing, gear, AEG tools, flashlight, etc.

INSECT REPELLANTwill not be needed, there will be no bugs.


Op SANDSTORM - QUEBEC CITY Oct 30-31 Next Level MilSim

PQAC: Op SANDSTORM - QUEBEC CITY Oct 30-31 Next Level MilSim
Be part of the first ever Airsoft event in Canada organized with support from a Canadian Forces unit. In Operation Sand Storm, you will be teamed up with 20 soldiers returning from Afghanistan for an airsoft milsim event that will make everything else seem like a game!

The scenario for Operation Sand Storm is based on actual declassified events and missions performed by soldiers from the Royal 22nd Regiment while deployed in Afghanistan. The soldiers/players who are organizing this event were actually on these missions and they will be your guides throughout as the story unfolds.

Here is a sample of some of the stuff that will enhance the experience of Operation Sand Storm:
*Actor/players simulating non-combatants and non-player characters (i.e. pilots, etc.)
*Canadian Forces equipment on load from the soldier's parent unit
*Camps with pop-tents along with Cam nets and defensive positions
*Observation Post complete with Sandbags and cam-nets on top of a hill
*Mortar pits all dug out in the sand and re-enforced with sandbags, 2 *mortars, and cam-net
*An observation tower
*Many props including 84mm tubes and ammo boxes
*Chemical Missile prop on tripod
*Communication Masts

Pictures of the location are available HERE. Part of this field was used during OP FACE2FACE for those old guys who remember.

More details to follow.

Sign up now. http://www.pqacairsoft.com/viewgame_milsim.asp?gameid=55

Operation Sand Storm is sponsored by X-treme Precision, PQAC Airsoft, and ASGKCanada and put on with support from members of the Canadian Armed forces.

Location: Pintendre, QC G6C 1B6
Cost: $20 per player
Start: Saturday, October 30, 2004 @ 13:00 hrs
End: Sunday, October 31, 2004 @ 08:00 hrs


Op SANDSTORM - QUEBEC CITY Oct 30-31 Next Level MilSim

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