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ASGK's Consultancy
Security Risk Analysis & Red Teaming Military Assessments Market Analysis choose ASGK's Consultancy

As part of ASGK's Information Group, we have been collecting and analysing defence, aerospace, regional security and transportation information for over a century and pride ourselves on our globally recognised reputation for our independent and impartial perspective.

Our Qualifications
Each year we undertake scores of projects for our commercial and government clients. These projects include studies on defence markets, procurement support, military doctrine, infrastructure, security and numerous others. Our advantage lies not only in the resources and global reach available to ASGK’s but also the experience, knowledge and perception of the consultants who work for us. Their abilities are universally recognised.

Whether you need a rigorous red team assessment; on-site analytical support; or an impartial, thoroughly researched market evaluation, ASGK’s Consultancy will provide you with the same reliable insight you expect to find in our publications and online services, only with the detail and analysis tailored to your specific requirements.

Building on this foundation, ASGK’s Consultancy provides you with focused and customised solutions to meet your individual needs, ensuring that the investment you make will produce the results you expect.

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