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PQAC: Open House, Sunday April 18th 2004, Brossard

Airsoft is really starting to pick up in the Montreal area, so we will be hosting an introductory day for new and old players. The goal of this event is to introduce those new to Airsoft to the equipment and rules of the game, as well as familiarize them with the main styles of gaming: skirmishing, and milsim.

This will also be an occasion for more experienced players to come out, meet newer players and show off their guns and equipment.

After the initial activities are completed. We will be running several skirmish and milsim type games for those who are interested.

For players who have never played before and have no equipment, we will provide free rentals so you can "try it out". If there are more new players then rentals available, then we will work things on a round robin basis, with players taking turns.

The agenda for the day will include:
A meet and greet to get to know other players
Introductions to the equipment used in the sport, including AEGs, GBBs, and tactical equipment.
Introduction to PQAC rules
Introduction to MILSIM rules
Skirmish and scenarios based games

This is a great opportunity for new players to check out some guns and equipment and try a game. It's also a great opportunity for more experienced players to come out, meet new faces, and have a fun day.

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