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Operation Winter Storm
St-Urbain Qc Canada

Operation Winter Storm will take place on January 31st from 900 to 1700 hours. The game will actually start at 1030. The field is in St-Urbain Premier, please consult the directions from the left menu.
Folks, I know you like to socialize when arriving at a field. It's perfectly understandable that you want to talk with your buddies. But we will have a busy schedule and the more time you spend talking the less playing time we will dispose of. After all you guys are paying $20 to $25 for the game, so much for gas, driving time... You will have an hour and a half to get your gun and gear ready, pass the chrono test, proceed to your base location and get ready for your first briefing.
Tight schedule people, keep that in mind.

The UN found a missile in a weapons cache and must take it to NATO so they can dispose of it. But this missile is very much valuable to both Serbs and Croats. Who will get to launch the missile? Only the best team! So don't delay any longer and enroll!

Missions are planned to accommodate any number of players but the more we'll be the better the game will progress. There are two main missions set for the day with a half a dozen satellite missions for each team. We hope you'll enjoy the game!

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