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PQAC CQB ActionCommando Montreal Qc Canada

PQAC CQB ActionCommando Montreal Qc Canada

A bunch of us were there back in Feb-2003 (during a freaky snowstorm too), and it was the first time I was there, and so for a lot of others. Although it was huge and being indoors meant all-year round priviledges, the inside was too empty and I thought that sucked.

Well, upon returning a few days ago at the recentely PQAC organized game, the owners of really cleaned the place up -- by adding more obstacles in the place. Basically the place is a lot more fun, and there is no advantage to which side of the field you were on. That big school bus that used to be in the corner has been moved more into the center, and they got rid of that useless "castle" that was along the wall. Lots more places to hide now, which means you can last a little longer without calling "hit" in just 30 seconds after game play.

This was also the first time I was in the unlight all-dark CQb basement. The fun thing about going in there is that it is so deadly it's fun and freaky. Besides, you depended on your teamate next to you to have a flashlight, heh. I don't think we played there last Feb, so this feature also gives this place a plus.

Another great thing was that there was only about 8 or 9 people there from pac -- the rest I have never met before! It's great to run into players you don't know, it just shows you how even more popular the games get.


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