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Warzone Rigaud Qc Canada
PQAC Event: Operation Jouneyman Warrior

One of our goals, with games like Operation Lion Fire and upcoming games, is to push the MILSIM envelop by hosting games that require planning, coordination, teamwork, and endurance.

Operation Jouneyman Warrior is the second of three training days that we will take place this year to give players a chance to learn and practice the individual and team based skills required to successfully play in the increasingly realistic MILSIM type games that we will be scheduling.

Operation Journeyman Warrior will focus on team based skills required to succesfully play in MILSIM events. The topics that will be covered during the day are:

- Shooting techniques
- Team drills
- Team level strategy: recon, attack, ambush, and counter-ambush

Throughout the day we will also stage various scenarios to practice these skills.

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