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PQAC Game Warzone Rigaud Qc Canada

Operation Lion Fire

May 17th 2003, terrorists strike civilian targets in Guatemala City. Soon the CIA learns of a military splinter cell planning to over-throw the Guatemalan government. Fearing the worst, the Guatemalan government asks the USA for help. Several Navy F-18F Super Hornets are launched from the USS Saratoga to perform reconnaissance flights over rebel held territory.

On May 18th at 08:30 am, an American F-18F flying over the jungles of Guatemala is shot down by a rebel SA-5 surface to air missile. The two pilots eject to safety but quickly realize they are surrounded by hostile forces that are quickly closing in on them. They must E&E to their extraction zone or be captured.

The US decides to intervene. Reconnaissance flights and satellite imagery are able to identify a large rebel forces deep in the jungle. A team of four Navy SEALs is inserted along the coast; their mission is to provide intelligence on the locations of SAM sites, bases, training camps, and enemy patrols to the command center aboard the USS Saratoga. As soon as enough intelligence information is available, a Marine Amphibious Force will be scrambled to strike at the heart of the rebel force.

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