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PQAC Game Warzone Rigaud Qc Canada

Write-up by Poncho.

Games during the day were great - the first game led into the days scenarios - most of which revolved around the 'crash test dummy' supplied by the PQAC. The first scenario game involved a 'Pilot Down' style scenario - our unit was assigned to diversion and skirmish tasking. We ran into Just Bob and Crispin along the road down to the rocky field - a short exchange ensued. Needless to say we did sort of a 'ceasefire/restart' because we all forgot there were medic rules in effect. Old habits die hard eh?

One awesome part of the day was when Just Bob and crew managed to get in behind us while we were navigating the ledges at Rigaud. It was pretty moist out so you can't afford to take any chances on those rocks. Bob managed to shoot one of our guys in our unit from at least - bar none - 200ft away with his STOCK SPM40 rifle. Impressive shot!

We all stopped engaging to 'discuss' it like an open forum - hillarious! Everyone around got together at that point - alive or hit - and just started shooting the shit about the shot he took. It was Just Bob's moment, and he basked in it.

The entire day's skirmishing atmosphere was really relaxed - there wasn't a dull moment, but at the same time it was an easy going game.

Second scenario of the day came when Xray gave us the heads up that the first extraction LZ was comprimised and the pilot was to be medivacted out to a second LZ. Not even 5 miutes into the urban field and the heavy shit storm ensued...

By far the heaviest scenario fighting of the day, the evac team broke east once our front line unit ran into the brunt of the storm. After everyone just about emptied all of their mags on eachother the evac team managed to get the pilot to the LZ and hold it in time.

Third scenario was a 'recovery/rescue' theme - OPFOR was dug in and waiting for us. Once again, into the rock valley of death. Seems during that scenario there was more exchange of conversation aloud rather than firefights. OPFOR spanked us good.

Last game of the day was something along the lines of 'old school Airsoft' - if you get hit - respawn at a nearby respawn point. Pure skirmish but who cares - scenario was done, time to let loose. RAVEN always like to turn on his 'spank machine' - grabbed his mega-loud MP5 and ran thru the field like he was driving on of those lawn tractors, cutting grass, weeds and airsofters all along the way. I found it was humorous how he ran from tower to bunker to bunker on this elimination frenzy reminisent of a QUAKE 3 game I played once. Finally 'Captain Gibbed' pulled his plug and said "I'm tired...". That's pretty much how the gaming day wound down. Everyone just dropped out of the game one by one, their need to kill wholesomely filled.

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